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with your donation, 6 IOS students will have access to school uniform.

with this value, our students will have access to the necessary infrastructure for their formation

monthly donation, you will make it possible for 12 students to receive psychosocial follow-up

with this amount, 16 students will receive support of the Núcleo IOS Opportunities, that finds jobs and scholarships to the students.

Be part of the complete training of 1 student for 12 months.

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This is Dandara!
A 17-year-old girl that lives with her mother and 2 younger brothers in the neighborhood of Pirituba, west of the city of São Paulo, with a medium level of vulnerability.

Dandara studies at a public High Scholl and is on his last year but needs to start working. Besides helping with the household bills, the work will also give her a new future perspective.

She found out about IOS in a poster on the school wall and decided to sign up for the ERP Business Management course. Smartly, Dandara realized she would have the opportunity to deepen her knowledge and learn about new technical tools, therefore, having more chances on the labor market.
The young Brazilian is never taken seriously! Today, high school students have the worst performance of Brazilian education system. And it gets worst. An estimate from National Household Sample Survey (PNAD Contínua / IBGE) shows that 40% of the young population, until 19 years old that should be in high school, not attend or have not yet finished middle school. The reality is even more cruel if you consider when this age group tries to enter the workplace. In Brazil, the biggest unemployment rate is focused on the age group of 14 to 17 years-old (42.4%) and unemployed between 18 and 24 years-old (31.6%), mainly between black (14.5%) and brown (14%) populations.

One of the motivations behind these scary indexes is the requirements made by employees regarding academic education are not fulfilled by the youth.

And Dandara's reality, unfortunately, is not an exception.


Font: IDEB and IBGE.
"What they talk about the youth, it is not serious…"
Educational transformation
The Instituto da Oportunidade Social aims to support young people like Dandara, offering access to free professional information in business and technological fields. The Institute believes that there is the need to offer the youth a formation that approaches both the technical and behavioral development, focusing on their insertion in the labor market. Through education and technological formation, a new future is shaped to them.

Facilitating the access to knowledge, indicate and to monitor their achievements is what motivates IOS!
The first job
A well-prepared youngster has more chances of finding a first job, and would be feeling professionally fulfilled. For that, we offer free professional formations in business and technology. On our courses, students have Portuguese and Mathematics extra classes, developing their socioemotional abilities, professional orientation, and, after finishing the course, they receive opportunities like job vacancies, scholarships to university education and incentives to entrepreneurship.
In average, the Institutes puts 1,200 students on the labor market per year.
Social impact
We work with giving millions of youngsters the chance to develop their socioemotional abilities, changing their own world vision and practice empathy, feeling like potential transformers of their communities!
students graduate in IOS annually
of students study in public high school
of students are women
of students are brown and black
increase in household's income.
For every 1 student, a total of 4 people are impacted


Change in practice!
We offer true transformation, allied to new perspectives that include more knowledge, opportunities, inclusion, employability, diversity and education. You can also see Beatriz and Matheus' stories, youngsters that went through IOS and, today, are able to track their own successful paths.
Corporate donations
You can also donate as a company and support young professional's formations, who are trained for your business.


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